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  • Other people: wow what a perfect morning for a run
  • Me: wow what a perfect morning to go the fuck back to sleep


if u snapchat me expecting me to look cute i have bad news for u 

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" i want a 6’3 boy "
bitch you need a job

have a seat 

men have preferences out the ass
"i want a girl with big boobs, thick thighs, a big ass, a tiny waist, long hair, no makeup, preferably a mix a mix between beyonce and a kardashian"

but if a girl has one preference, suddenly she’s an unemployed bitch

fuck outta here with this bullshit this post is trash 

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lets play a game called are u bad at texting back or do u hate me

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sometimes i wonder how my life would’ve turned out if i hadn’t signed up for tumblr

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I just wanna have abs…olutely all the pasta and breadsticks

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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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